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Titanium Japanese Stamp (Hanko)

In Japan you will find differences in how people live relative to your own country. Japanese residents have a different way of interactions with others, different mannerisms, and most importantly different way of handling documents, contracts, etc. In Japan one thing that everyone has is a Hanko. It is a stamp with a person’s personal signature in-graved in it. As Japanese Stamps or Hanko's are an everyday activity.

titanium hanko

If you plan on living in Japan or staying here for a period of time, you will need to get your own Japanese Stamp. Everyone in Japan usually only has one as it is difficult to register a new one in order to "sign" contracts, approvals, or make a large purchase (like buying a house). Therefore, choosing the right Honko is quite important! That is where Titanium version comes into play! As you all know Titanium is quite strong and durable and will keep stamping your name to documents for years to come.

Here we have the most durable Hanko you can currently get in the market. One that is fully Titanium. Titanium is the most recent addition in a wide variation that is available in the market. TItanium is by far the most durable as it is fire resistant, crack or break. And if by any chance a titanium does break, crack, or get damaged it has a 10 year warranty.

Titanium line-up

There is a wide selection of Titanium Hanko's to choose from (as well as choosing the stamp you want in-graved in the Titanium Hanko).

colored titanium hankos

Titanium colored Hankos

Here we have some of the different colors you can choose from. You can choose from original gray all the way to pink colored. This is a simple, but welcomed small addition.

You can also choose the shape and size to your liking. Prices may vary depending on which one you purchase. The size is measured in (mm).

titanium hanko

Titanium basic model

titanium hanko

Titanium rectangular shaped model

titanium hanko

Titanium oval shaped model

All of the images that are illustrated are titanium models, but no matter which material you choose, you will have a similar choice of size and style.

Next, you can choose your very own Swarovski or Jewel to add on to your titanium Hanko to make it look that much more elegant (and overall cool!). You can choose from over 24 different Swarovski or Jewels that are optional in the online shop. (


Swarovski or Jewel options

Last, but not least you are able to in-grave on the outside of the Titanium Hanko your full name. This last touch will diffidently make it unique in style as well.

Finding a good, reasonably priced Hanko

Now that we have your own personal Hanko, where can you find the best prices out there? There might be a few stores that have a wide selection, but to make your very own stylish Japanese hanko (stamp) reasonably priced will be online. Now, in Japan shipping is quite fast and you might be able to receive your purchase on the same day that you purchased it online. One of the popular sites are and It's completely in Japanese, so if you need help navigating them. is where you purchase high quality Hanko’s. on the other hand focuses on giving the consumer the best deal possible. Sales are quite often and you can get Japanese hanko (stamps) for really affordable prices.

Both of the examples given above are on the top in terms of sales and customer inflow. Quite famous sites among Japanese consumers.

You can scroll down and follow the step-by-step process down below. That is not to say that it's impossible to navigate. On the contrary there are a lot of illustrations available for you to see and use to get the item that you want.

Living in Japan with a Hanko (name stamp)

Now you might be wondering if a foreigner living in Japan can live without a Hanko. And the answer is yes, for the most part. There are some places that accept signatures. One bank (Yuuchou) accepts signatures to open a bank account (taking out loans, making a credit card, etc a signature will not be enough). As a former ALT teacher I can tell you that living with Japanese Stamp is a must. A hanko is used for Approving documents, asking permission to do an activity, and clocking in and out of work all require it. In Japan, having your Japanese Stamp is as important as carrying a form of identification because more or less it is.

With so many options, why buy a Titanium Hanko?

There is a wide variety of Hanko's to choose from. You can purchase anything from glass to wood. All of them have their good points and bad. It all depends on your personal taste. One thing that should probably be taken into consideration when purchasing your personal Japanese Stamp is its durability. Buying such a personal item needs to not only be small enough to carry around anywhere you go, but it must durable enough to not get damaged. The strongest Hanko currently available is made out of Titanium. With a 10 year warranty on top of burn, scratch and crack resistance, having a titanium hanko is nice as it reassures you that it won't break easily. Titanium made Hanko will also look quite nice and elegant. In terms of durability, a titanium made product should literally last a life time.

Long lasting souvenir for you. your family, and your friends

As it is a personal item, a personalized Hanko can be the perfect personalized gift. With the ability to customize the look, write their name, and more importantly give that friends or family member a gift that really is a unique, one of a kind gift for them.

As it is also a part of the Japanese culture, it can be a great souvenir if you are going back to your country after being in Japan for a while.

Starting up your own business in Japan

Even though Japan is known for its high tech structure, to start-up a business in Japan is quite traditional in a sense that you will need to build a lot of relations with fellow Japanese companies. To do so, having a business means that you must make a Japanese business stamp. From signing varies contracts with customers or affiliates, to stamping and approving paperwork. The versatility of a Hanko is quite amazing.


(Work on that stamp, stamp, and more stamping!)

For those of you that want to start up a business in Japan, guess what; you'll be using a Hanko several times a day every day and will stamp quite a lot of documents. You are not require to have a Hanko, but it will definitely make your life easier.

Having a Japanese stamp is also pretty cool. You will be able to stamp your name on various documents. I sometimes stamp my name on letters I send out to family members just for the fun of it.Stamps might seem like an old school thing for some, but in Japan is how much of the work is finalized and ready to be released. To make sure it last, having a titanium made stamp maker is nice as no matter what type of accident or where you might drop it, the titanium is quite strong. Stamps will remail a part of Japanese culture. I find stamping various things fun and feels like I have more authority than I would otherwise.

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